Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps for Water and Wastewater Treatment Verderflex’s peristaltic pumps are proven success solutions in treating water/wastewater.

Verderflex Peristaltic Chemical Hose Pumps When transferring hazardous chemicals, a leak free pump is crucial.

Food Grade Peristaltic Hose Pumps Simple, Easy to clean and high quality for the Australian Food Market.

Peristaltic Hose Pumps for Printing and Packaging Industry. Peristaltic pumps major benefits are add value for these pumps in the packaging and printing industry sectors.

Chemical resistant pumps. Pumps for Chemical to suit Your Needs include diaphragm pumps, mag drive pumps and drum pumps.

What are the best pumps for slurry? It's a very good questions, so we have answered it for you.

Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Pumps Australia. Complete range of air operated diaphragm pumps for transferring and dosing of liquids.

Find the perfect chemical resistant drum pump for your business’s needs with Global Pumps.

Best Industrial Slurry Pumps In The World. Industrial Slurry Pumps For Any Application from Global Pumps.

Rubber Lined Sand Slurry Pumps. Pumps from SlurryPro with heavy duty liners make them perfect for mineral sand and mining applications.

Drum pumps with litre measurement. Drum pumps are perfect for a controlled way to transfer or decant low viscosity fluids.

Food Production Peristaltic Pump. Peristaltic pumps are the perfect solution for the food and beverage industry.

Who Makes the Best Peristaltic Pumps? Important features you must know about a peristaltic hose pump manufacturer.

Drum Transfer Pump For Acids. A safe way to decant liquids from drums and barrels.

Slurry Pump Casings from Supplies. A complete range of spares for slurry pumps available ex-stock.

Conductive Polypropylene Double Diaphragm Pumps for pumping and transferring flammable liquids / chemicals. If you are pumping flammable liquids or chemicals, it is best to use a groundable pump. Sometimes metal is not the best option ...

Troubleshooting Problems with diaphragm pumps. Find out why your AOD pump is not working and learn how to repair/fix the issue.

Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Spare Parts - Looking for spare parts to suit your AOD pump? Global Pumps can offer genuine.

Plastic 2 inch Diaphragm Pumps Australia. Global Pumps has a complete range of plastic air operated diaphragm pumps available ex-stock and ready for fast delivery.

Pumping Thickener Underflow Slurries. Learn how one mine saved over 100 maintenance hours per year.

Xstrata Impressed By The Most Reliable Hose Pump. Story from South Africa About How Xstrata is Impressed By The Most Reliable Hose Pump. 'Verderflex' Proven Yet Again. Global Pumps Is the Australian Agent.

Hose Pumps Rinsing Mined Cobalt. Used in the manufacture of Alloys, as a pigment, for glass and ceramic industries, cobalt is a non-metallurgical metal. Cobalt is also used as a pigment in paint/lacquer industry.

Can Mag Drive Pumps Handle Solids? This article goes over mag drive pumps and the if they can handle slurry. Also view a few case studies.

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