Proven Yet Again! Verderflex The Most Reliable Hose Pump.

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“A pump so reliable - it’s only downtime is for hose replacement and annual plant maintenance!” admits Acting HOD of Xstrata Alloys Rhovan-Christelle van Vuuren with regards to Verderflex pump which was established at the precipitation plant of operation,

The Rhovan vanadium establishment in Xstrata, which is situated in Bethanie, South Africa’s North Western Province depends on ideal and dependable equipment to operate its incredible Ferrovanadium Plant that was established in the year 2002. Xstrata Alloys Rhoval Vanadium operation’s annual pentoxide output is 22 000 pounds, Ferrovanadium 6000kg.

Mines from all over the world have the VF Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps as the favorite, providing unparalleled performance in uncompromising and tough environments.

In the titaniferous magnetite, the entire ore’s vanadium is in solid. Following the initial processing stage, magnetite concentrate’s put through a process of roast leach precipitation in order to recover vanadium. (SiO2) Silica’s then extracted out of the pregnant solution to get the required final quality. Ammonium Sulphate ((NH4)2SO4) is thereafter added to achieve Vanadium’s precipitation from the solution that is pregnant.

In the recovery process of vanadium, an evaporation procedure is used to get the salt of sodium sulphate out of the solution that is barren post precipitation. The salt is then recycled into the kiln to alleviate the necessity for a part of sodium carbonate flux necessity.

In pumping the plant’s barren slurry, a VF40 pump delivers roughly 6-8 m3/hr at sixty percent solids handling. Solid components, which are sub-micron in size, contained in the abrasive mining slurries are 80% more with SGs slurry over 2.0. In contrast with centrifugal pumps that frequently encounter frequent downtime and have no ability to drive that high SG slurries and offer lower performance of the plant, Hose pumps have the capacity to drive such dense fluid and still maintain high plant availability levels.

Ever since the commissioning of the plant, initial hose pumps have been replaced by the operation in favor of the VF pump which has quick maintenance capacities making them easier to maintain. Harrison says, “With no gland water used by the operation, the pump can run dry, and the rotor design and flange arrangement makes the pump a hit at our plant for easy maintenance,”

She further adds, “It just runs and works when you need it to,” confirms Van Vuuren. “The pump is only ‘offline’ for spare part replacement and planned plant maintenance. Quite simply: a reliable pump!”


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