Global Pumps is an authorised dealer for the Verder group’s Verderair brand of air operated diaphragm (AOD) pumps.
For more than 5 decades the Verder group has been providing solutions in liquid handling. Today Verder is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of high quality solutions in industries where liquid handling is required. To maintain innovation, they produce the highest quality products, keeping profitability high and providing sustained growth of the company.

The Verder group maintains a high commitment to research and development, to continuously improve their products. They also ensure that all activities are carried out in order to comply with strict environmental and safety standards. Research is continuously carried out into environmental impact. The Verderair AOD pumps can handle fluids with solids, viscous fluid or sticky fluid without problems.
Check out the range of air operated diaphragm pumps from Global Pumps today.

Model Port Size Max Flow Max Pressure
VA8 non-metallic 1/4" 19 l/min 7 bar
VA10 non-metallic 3/8" 26 l/min 7 bar
VA15 non-metallic 1/2" 57 l/min 7 bar
VA20 metallic 3/4" 61 l/min 7 bar
VA25 non-metallic 1" 89 l/min 8.4 bar
VA25 metallic 1" 89 l/min 8.4 bar
VA40 non-metallic 1 1/2" 397 l/min 8.4 bar
VA40 metallic 1 1/2" 397 l/min 8.4 bar
VA50 non-metallic 2" 568 l/min 8.4 bar
VA50 metallic 2" 568 l/min 8.4 bar
VA80 non-metallic 3" 1140 l/min 8.6 bar
VA80 metallic 3" 2000 l/min 8.6 bar