Tools & Calculators


This specialised Global Pumps tool determines the amount of gland packing required for different shaft sizes as well as packing sizes.


Tip speed refers to the distance that any selected point on the peripheral of the impeller travels in a set amount of time. Using this calculator allows you to compare pumps in regard to their expected wear time.


Flow rate is the volume of fluid a pump can transport within a given time. You can use this result to examine if an existing setup is working efficiently. It can also be used to find different measurements for flow rate, as different manufacturers can use different measurements.

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Do you use different pressure measurements from our pump’s descriptions? Not to worry - this handy tool converts your measurements into a variety of others such as psi, kPa, bar and more.

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This interactive table allows you to select the product you will be using and suggests recommended materials for the pump, its seals and casings.

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Get instant results when you input the drum size, chemical and drive type! This easy to use form helps you find exactly what your project needs.

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Did you know that viscosity has a detrimental effect on an AOD pumps rated capacity?


Did you know it was possible to calculate the required pump power from a pumps performance? Have you wondered how to work out the Net positive suction head (NPSH)? Check out our cheat sheet to learn more.


Do you know how to read an air operated diaphragm pump curve? Or what the required air pressure is at your duty point?