14 January 2021

Drum Pumps offer a versatile option for many applications, from chemical manufacturing through to food and beverage. The portable design, suitability for intermittent transfer, modern designs and accessories make drum pumps user-friendly.

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6 January 2021

Properly maintaining your pumping system will ensure the longevity of the equipment, reduction of downtime and consistent production schedule. Global Pumps understand how crucial your pumping system is to the success of your operations, which is why we share knowledge in our Q&A series direct from our team of experts.

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4 January 2021

Vintage refers to the process of harvesting grapes from their vines when they are perfectly ripe. Winemakers consider the grape’s ripeness, sugar, acid, and tannin levels to determine when they are ready to be picked.

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18 December 2020

Global Pumps are open right through this holiday season!

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14 December 2020

Pumps make up a considerable percentage of the manufacturing industry and are a crucial component of any site. There are a wide range of problems that can arise with the operation of your pump. In this blog, Global Pumps outline common symptoms and the best pumping solution for these.

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10 December 2020

As part of our Expert Series, Global Pumps are interviewing the talented designers and manufacturers behind some of our leading pump brands. In this interview, we chatted with Duncan Brown, Product Manager from Verderflex. Check out the interview below or read the transcript to learn more….

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8 December 2020

Global Pumps have been working with manufacturers in the chemical industry for over 40 years, providing advice and products that suit the harsh and corrosive nature of their products.

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26 November 2020

Do you work on a mine site? If so, you understand how crucial dewatering pumps are to the continuous operation of your site. If an insufficient or inadequate pump is selected, you could be left with catastrophic downtime, or worse, loss of production.

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24 November 2020

Our Global Pumps team have been advising best pumping practice in a multitude of industries. Whether it be chemical, manufacturing to mining and quarries, our team understand how critical an effective pumping system is.

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19 November 2020

The SlurryPro originated from a firm belief that all slurry pumping experiences could and should, be better. The SlurryPro series was introduced with a customer-centric focus and has seen the end-user experience revolutionised.

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Guide To Selecting the Best Pump

If you need some guidance on how to select the right pump then you’re not alone! There’s such a wide range of pumps in Australia, from centrifugal pumps to hose pumps to diaphragm pumps. The options available to you can make it a difficult choice, so we’ve created this special guide to help step you through the process of selecting the ideal pump for your requirements.


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