17 February 2020

Are you looking for a chemical pump?

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6 February 2020

A dead-headed pump is a pump that is running while full of liquid, with the outlet valves closed.

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9 January 2020

As energy and cost efficiency have become important factors when selecting a pump for operation, minimising equipment downtime is crucial. Severe misalignment can have significant effects on your plant’s efficiency.

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17 December 2019

Do you pump abrasives? If so, you would be aware they are one of the hardest fluids to work with.

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10 December 2019

There are many crucial elements in a pump that allow it to work effectively and reliably. Get to know the different pump parts and their importance to the overall performance and efficiency of your operations…

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29 November 2019

Do you know the differences between wet prime and dry prime? 

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19 November 2019

When it comes to pumping slurry, many can agree it isn’t an easy task. Above all else, you need to make sure you have the right pump for the right slurry. 

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13 November 2019

When you are selecting a pump, it is crucial that you understand the fluid you are pumping.

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5 November 2019

Whether it’s a faulty pump component or poor maintenance strategies, pump failure can occur for several reasons.

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30 October 2019

Not priming your pump can cause serious failures to the internal components. Learn whether your pump needs to be primed before use...

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