15 July 2020

It’s important that you handle dangerous liquids carefully to ensure the safety of your staff and the environment.

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7 April 2020

Ethanol is a colourless, flammable fluid commonly used as a fuel, solvent in cosmetics, flavourings or medicines and anti-septic treatments and household products.

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17 February 2020

Are you looking for a chemical pump?

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24 November 2016

Global Pumps, a leading supplier of mining, chemical and process pumps, is expanding their product line with a new state-of-the art cased drive peristaltic pump by Verderflex, the Vantage 5000.

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14 February 2015
A chemical pump is necessary when the liquid you are moving cannot be used with a regular style pump. They are often used when a chemical that needs to be transferred is either corrosive or abrasive. Some of the industrial liquids commonly used with chemical pumps include: sulphuric acids, acetic acid and sodium hypochlorite
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