Reading an Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Performance Curve

Posted by Amos Seeley on 7 March 2017

In our previous posts we talked about how an air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pump works, and the advantages of installing this type of pump. In this blog post we’re looking specifically at the performance of the air operated double diaphragm pumps offered by Global Pumps.

How can you know a pump is the right fit for your needs if you don’t know how it will perform under different circumstances? That’s where the performance curve comes in.

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Verderair Releases Revolutionary HI-CLEAN Food Diaphragm Pumps

Posted by Matt Davey on 1 May 2014

Verderair HI-CLEAN pumps handle a huge diversity of fluids, whether they are high or low viscosity, quick or low floating or to pump media with large solids.

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Are There Specific Considerations For Plastic Diaphragm Pumps?

Posted by Admin on 21 November 2013
Not a lot but as you read you will notice it is just mainly general maintenance for the plastic diaphragm pumps.
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What Kind Of Fluid Does A Diaphragm Pump Transfer?

Posted by Admin on 25 October 2013
Any kind. Examples include water, acids, chemicals and lubricants.
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New Verderair VA25 Muffler for Less Down Time

Posted by Matt Davey on 6 July 2012

Preventing icing in an air operated diaphragm pump is a major issue all manufacturers have, but not with Verderair.

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