Advantages of an Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump


Recently, we gave an overview of how air operated double diaphragm pumps work. Today we’re going to be looking at why you should buy an Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump (AODD), what the advantages are over other pump types and is it the right pump for you?

Read on to find out.

AODD pumps are used throughout the mining industry, and are also commonly found in chemical transportation/processing and general applications.

What Makes an AODD so Special?

An air operated double diaphragm pump has a lot of advantages over other pump designs. Below we list out some of the advantages of AODD pumps over against other pump types.

Advantages include:

  • No Electricity: These pumps operate via compressed air. This means that they can be used in environments where an electrical supply is not suitable i.e. in hazardous areas.
  • Simplicity: Without requiring complicated wiring, and no need to have an electrical control, AODDs are easy to install and operate. In fact, they are much easier to use than many other pump types.
  • Run Dry: AODD pumps can run dry without damaging the pump or cause any issues. Some other pump types will always need to stay primed and not run dry or they will either damage the whole pump or some of the parts, resulting in a costly rebuild. Here is some of those pump types that can not run dry:
  • Viscous liquids: Air operated double diaphragm pumps can handle a variety of fluid viscosities. Having a pump which can transport both high and low viscous materials means that a pump can be used for a variety of tasks. Some other pump types cannot handle highly viscous fluids and will stop working or breakdown under the same conditions.
  • Abrasive Materials: Just as with handling low and high viscosities, an AODD pumps can also process corrosive or abrasive fluids, as well as more solid or powdered materials.
  • Gentle pumping: These diaphragm pumps have no impellers or other moving parts exposed to the liquid being pumped, which means that they are suited for transporting shear sensitive media.
  • Safety: All of the above combined, also means that an AODD pumps is a great option when pumping volatile or dangerous liquids.


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In our next blog post, we’ll be looking at the exact performance of a good air operated diaphragm pump. For now though, if you wish to know more about these amazing pumps, contact one of our highly trained technicians today and they’ll happily answer any questions you might have.


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