At last, a ‘cheat sheet’ for Pump Specs and Formulas!


Need a pump specification and formula cheat sheet? Download it here!

Pump Specs and Formulas can become quite complex. Sometimes we all need a quick refresher or a gentle reminder of the important things that keep our pumps working.

Whether using Centrifugal Pumps or others, this e-guide will help you solve calculations that often arise within pump related roles. For most pumps in Australia we have your area covered including, but are not limited to:

  • Terms and definitions
  • Formulas for pumping water and power
  • NPSH as impacted by temperature
  • NPSHA calculations
  • Nozzle flow rates
  • Circle formulas
  • Length, Weight, Volume, Pressure, Flow and Vacuum Conversions

Why not forward this offer on to your colleagues or any junior staff you’re training (via the links below), so they too will have an easy reference guide to avoid asking you questions?



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