Did you know that viscosity has a detrimental effect on an AOD pumps rated capacity?

Viscosity is defined as 'the property of a fluid that resists the force tending to cause the fluid to flow'. From this definition it is easy to understand that a certain amount of the energy available at the pump will be absorbed, overcoming the 'resistance' of a viscous fluid, what remains is then available to provide flow and pressure.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are well suited for pumping viscous fluids. Their positive displacement principle enables them to handle viscous fluids relatively easily, however without careful consideration to the reduced performance you could run into trouble.

Our viscosity correction chart can be used as a tool to help you prevent under sizing AOD pumps.

By downloading this chart, you will learn how to:

  • apply correction factor on AOD pumps
  • eliminate incorrect pump sizing
  • troubleshoot viscosity problems easily

To make this chart easy to use, we have included step by step instructions on how to read and apply this information.

21-149 GP DOC Viscosity correctio chart

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