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Techniflo Acid & Chemical Resistant Drum Pumps

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Drum pumps are the perfect solution for transferring chemicals and acids.


If you need to transfer acids from a drum, then Global Pumps has the Techniflo drum pumps for easy transfer of the acids.

The Techniflo drum transfer pumps come in a range of materials to suit almost any acid. These pumps are available with variable speed motors meaning transfer of dangerous chemicals or acids can be done in a safe way.

The drum transfer pumps suit different drums sizes:

  • 200 or 205 litre drums
  • 44 gallon drums
  • IBC (1000L) bulky containers

What materials are the drum pumps available in?

  • Polypropylene with stainless steel shaft
  • Polypropylene with Hastelloy C shaft
  • PVDF
  • Full 316 stainless steel

What is the availability?

Global Pumps stock a complete range of the drum transfer pumps including the above mentioned materials.

Also there is a range of accessories to suit these pumps, such as flowmeters, discharge hose and nozzle sets and barrel adaptors to support the pump in the drum.

Another consideration for transferring of acids from drums, is using an air operated diaphragm pump. These AOD pumps are also available in different materials and are acid resistant. Talk to the team at Global Pumps for different options available.


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