Drum Pump with Litre Measurement


Flowmeters for Drum Pumps. Compatible with Chemicals and Acids.

Techniflo Drum Pumps with Flowmeter

Drum pumps are perfect for a controlled way to transfer or decant low viscosity fluids. They are available in electric, pneumatic or handheld versions depending on your own personal need.


Drum pumps with litre measurement allow you to accurately transfer liquids from a drum or barrel. This is a perfect for business’s who supply chemical fluids making things simpler and safer.

The drum pump keeps your worker’s safe thanks to its easy use.

Main Features Of Chemical Drum Pumps

  • Metallic or non-metallic versions available depending on your business requirements.
  • Flows up to 200 litres per minute for a fast service.
  • Electric, pneumatic and hand operated models available depending on your needs.
  • Available in 240 Volts.
  • A Wide range of products in stock today with fast delivery Australia wide.
  • Available with a range of useful accessories.


The Litre Measurement Feature

A litre measurement allows you to accurately transfer fluids into the drum. This ensures that the chemical or acid you are transferring is not wasted on spillage and also reduces the risk of overfilling which can lead to big losses for your business.

The litre measurement also allows you to easily transfer fluids thanks to its easily readable LCD display. It reduces mistakes made when transferring corrosive chemicals, making it safer for the workers who will be doing the job.


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