Peristaltic Hose Pumps for Water and Wastewater

Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Wastewater Treatment Pumps
Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Wastewater Treatment Pumps

Water and Wastewater Pumps

Verderflex’s peristaltic pumps are proven success solutions in treating water/wastewater.



Solving the Biggest Water Treatment Challenges

Peristaltic pumps solve many of the challenges associated with treating wastewater. They can accurately dose the chemicals used to treat water such as sodium hypochlorite, lime and caustic sodas. Due to the fact that the fluid is completely enclosed within the pump’s hose, resistance to chemical corrosion and physical abrasion can be overcome with chemical/abrasion resistant hoses. No other pump component comes into contact with the fluid and therefore abrasion on the pump’s rotating parts is non-existent.


Lime Dosing

Lime can cause diaphragms to clog, due to its abrasive characteristics and viscosity. Likewise, progressive cavity pumps may suffer from increased abrasive/corrosive wear. Wastewater’s high sludge content also renders it highly abrasive. Rotary pumps suffer from excessive ragging on sludge.


Overcoming Gassing

Another challenge when treating water is the off-gassing caused by sodium hypochlorite. This can cause dosing pumps to become vapour locked, resulting in under treatment of the water in question.


Transferring Polymer

Polymer transfer suffers from another challenge. Polymers are shear sensitive such that use of a progressive cavity pump would damage the polymer, reducing its size and leading to increased chemical usage.

The Verderflex peristaltic pumps overcome all of these problems, just by their very nature. In addition, they can be controlled through advanced SCADA systems to provide easily controlled and managed remote dosing possibilities.


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