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Peristaltic pumps major benefits are add value for these pumps in the packaging and printing industry sectors. Their ability to run dry, self-prime and their ease of tube/hose change combine to eliminate costly third-party maintenance and reduce costs by reducing downtime.


The Use of Tube Pumps

Verderflex Vantage 3000 and Smart tube pumps are ideal solutions for the printing and packaging industry, where they can offer flow rates from as low as a few millilitres per minute up to 17 litres per minute. The pump heads themselves can be integrated into any machinery thanks to Verderflex’s OEM program.


No Bubbles

Peristaltic pumping offers very gentle pumping action to prevent damage to ink, adhesives and coatings – all of which are sensitive to shear, a stress that is present in typical centrifugal pumps. As an added benefit, the foaming and separation that can sometimes be caused by centrifugal pumps is also avoided. Other companies have found issues with using diaphragm pumps.


Leak Free Pumps

Finally, a peristaltic pump has no mechanical seals that leak or become clogged, again leading to decreased downtime and reduced maintenance costs, resulting in a solution with a very low total cost of ownership.


Case Studies

Learn how Visy saved time and money by using a Verderflex peristaltic pump or how a packaging company in Australia found an effective way to transfer glue from IBC holding tanks to the glue rollers.


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