Verderflex-Vantage-5000 Peristaltic-1

    Vantage Series

    The Verderflex Vantage 5000 is a high-tech cased drive peristaltic hose pump with a powerful, yet efficient stepper motor drive with wifi capabilities. 

    The Vantage 5000 offers operators the following key features:

    • maximum flow rate up to 6,600 mL/min, 396 L/hr
    • precision stepper motor dosing 4096:1 speed control ratio
    Verderflex Vantage 5000 Tube Pump

    The Vantage 5000 is a precision dosing and dispensing pump which offers a simple, intuitive touch screen for easy operation.

    The high flow per revolution enhances the tube life, which means reduced cost of ownership. 

    This tube pump offers a user interface with a 30-program onboard memory, real time clock and a USB data backup port. 

    Key features of the Vantage 5000 include:

    • flow rate up to 6,600 mL/min, 396 L/hr
    • maximum pressure 7 bar
    • touchscreen interface
    • multiple remote control signal options
    • four head options allowing operators to change the tube size and change the flow
    • tube burst detector 
    • stackable, robust design allows two pumps to be mounted together for double dosing

    The Vantage 5000 is suitable in liquid handling applications including water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical dosing. It can also handle heavy-duty environments such as abrasive slurry, high solid content and high suction lift requirements found in industrial, sewage and mining applications. 


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