Pumping Glue with Dura Pumps

Transferring of the glue from IBCs to the rollers is made easier by installing the Dura pumps.


A Packaging company in Australia was in need of an effective means of transferring glue from its IBC holding tanks to its glue rollers. A flow rate of 6 liters per minute was required. The company initially contacted us with the suggestion that a lobe pump would best suit the job.


After carefully analyzing the application, Global Pumps found that the best type of pump for the application was a Dura 25 peristaltic hose pump, mainly due to the low shear, and the way the pump can handle viscous liquids with ease. This recommendation was made to the client for the following reasons:

  • The Dura peristaltic hose pump’s fast and simple drive change ensures maximum ‘Up-Time’, thus reducing maintenance costs. Similarly, the reduced number of wearing parts ensures ease of maintenance and lower product lifetime costs.
  • Reversible meaning the customer could run the pump in reverse and pump the lines clean of glue and minimize wastage.
  • The quieter action and GMU (Gear Motor Unit) gives improved Health and Safety benefits.
  • The universal slotted flange gives a one-size-fits-all solution for ANSI, JIS & DIN eliminating the need for multiple stock items.

As the Dura 25 pump pulses, the customer found that installing a larger discharge pipe could aid in acting as a pulsation dampener. We also supplied pressure switches to switch off the pump when the valve on the discharge was closed.


The recommended Dura 25 pump has proved to be a much more cost-effective and efficient solution over against the client’s original suggestion of a lobe pump. The 6 Dura pumps supplied, are working to their maximum capacity and the client is very happy with their overall performance.

Global Pumps supply these peristaltic hose pumps in Australia.

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