Rubber Lined Sand Slurry Pumps

SlurryPro Sand Slurry Pump

Slurry Pumps for Mineral Sands by SlurryPro

Slurry Pumps with Rubber Liners

A rubber-lined sand slurry pump is the perfect pump for the mineral sand industry. They have special rubber liners, making them a heavy duty pump capable of withstanding highly abrasive.

Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps


A rubber lined pump has a number of benefits:

  • Strong design – the rubber lining is made from special materials and it has a higher corrosion and abrasion tolerance than its competitors.
  • Perfect for slurry pumping – Only rubber lining pumps have the combination of strength and corrosion resistance to create a good slurry pump.
  • Repairable – Rubber lined pumps can be repaired, just replace the liners.
  • Expeller, mechanical or packing seal is available for use, depending on your own requirements.
  • Discharge port can be positioned at an interval of 45 degrees and oriented to up to 8 different positions depending on your needs.

These slurry pumps are capable of pumping more than just sand. They are perfectly efficient in pumping all manner of slurry, gravel, concrete, mud, slush and much more.

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