Debem Pumps

Debem provides pumps to the chemical, food, textile, environment, graphic, leather tanning, ceramic, electronic, galvanic, paint, and biodiesel industries, just to name a few. They develop innovative industrial and technological diaphragm and centrifugal pumps, using materials that can withstand aggressive or unfavourable conditions.

Their BOXER and CUBIC brand diaphragm pumps, the MB and IM centrifugal pumps and the TR drum transfer pumps, are designed and manufactured in Italy. Debem is a market leader in the production of pumps for highly corrosive and/or abrasive environments.

The CUBIC range of air-operated double diaphragm pumps combines exceptional performance, power and strength to excel in pumping liquids with high apparent viscosity or those containing suspended solids. They are designed for applications with high humidity or potentially explosive atmospheres and are ATEX certified.

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