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Transferring coal slurry made easy

Reasons why you should choose the right pump for coal slurry.

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The pumps needed in the industrial and mining sector are required to pump highly abrasive, highly corrosive and highly viscous media. Therefore, specialised pumps are required to be tailor-built for each individual application.


Pumps are used in a number of industries; for example, mining, building and construction, food and beverage, chemical, printing, brewing, water and waste-water, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, and many others. Each industry has specific pumping applications, and the required features in the pumps vary among different industries.

Pumping slurries can be somewhat complicated due to the working conditions and the solid content being pumped. Coal slurries contain both solid and liquid waste. These are inclusive of several minerals, chemicals, rock particles, and dirt. All the constituents combine to give the slurry particularly high abrasive, viscous and specific chemical properties.

Coal mines in Australia require a pump that can be effectively used for abrasive and corrosive liquids. Until recently, pumps available in the market were not capable of pumping such slurries efficiently.

In this particular application, the solid content in coal slurry is less than 0.5mm. The slurry is like a thick paste, which is highly abrasive in nature. A coal mine in Queensland required a pump that could meet the product and the site's specific demands. The pumps used until then, delivered poor performance in coal slurry handling.


Due to specific chemical and physical properties, coal slurries require high quality and high performance pumps. Global Pumps was consulted and we offered a Netzsch Pump to this coal mine in Queensland. This Netzsch pump was able to handle the slurry and increased the efficiency of the mine.

Netzsch pumps are manufactured by Netzsch NEMO Inc. The company offers a complete range of pumps for several distinct industrial applications. Netzsch NEMO Inc. understands that every industry and each application has particular pumping requirements. Against the 'one size fits all' theory, they deliver highly customized pumping solutions for each individual application.

All positive displacement pumps are used for different applications such as dosing, transfer and circulating. This Netzsch pump is a progressive cavity pump and the materials of the pump were a NemoLast stator and a carbide coated rotor. These being the most central elements of the helical rotor pump. The rotor is the rotating component while the stator is stationary.

These two components combine to pump the liquid. The fluid enters through a low pressure suction point and exits through the high pressure discharge end. This is how the pump handles coal slurries. The Netzsch pump is capable of handling shear-sensitive materials as well. The flow rate of the pump is 50m3/hr with a 17 bar head pressure.

The Netzsch pumps have the following benefits:

    • 3E’s: Economical, Effective, and Efficient
    • Servicing made easy
    • Less wear, meaning greater average time between failures
    • Higher volume per cavity
    • Volume unaffected by changes in viscosity
    • Non-vapour and air-locking features, preventing the possibility of burn-out
    • Low, medium, and high pressure potentials

The Netzsch pumps have fewer parts than other brands. The pump is sealed, and has oil-filled joints. These features reduce the repair and maintenance requirements. Consequently, the operating and maintenance costs are less than the previously used pump.


Due to several customized options, advanced features and numerous benefits, the Netzsch pump has out-performed the original pump. Netzsch are capturing the market rapidly as the industrial leaders for long lasting equipment. Currently, there are very few pumps that deliver a superior performance in coal slurry and the Netzsch pump is one of them.

These pumps have actually improved the pumping applications. This user-friendly equipment is ideal for coal slurry handling as it is easy to install, operate, and maintain. For industrial applications, costs are almost always the primary factor behind any decision. Since the Netzsch pumps are so cost-effective, economical, and easy to service, there couldn’t be a better option available in the market.

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