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Range Brewing's path of 'yeast' resistance

How Global Pumps' helped Brisbane-based Range Brewery safely extract yeast from their production. 

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Range Brewing, located in Brisbane Queensland, specialises in small batch brewing. Passionate about quality, innovation and design, the team prides themselves on unique blends of hoppy, dark and sour beers.

As demand for their small-batch beer increased, the desire to internalise yeast extraction became a top priority.


The challenge

Over the last few years, Range Brewing have curated a wide range of quality craft beers. Content with the flavours being achieved by brewers and the beer's success, they sought to refine the process and allow for greater production capacities.

They looked to improve the way in which they harvested yeast from the brewing process. The yeast used in the production process was unique to the Brisbane brewer and imported from the United States at high cost. Therefore, the team sought to capture as much during the fermentation process to allow for re-use in subsequent brews.

Due to yeast’s active characteristics, its extraction can cause bubbling to occur and flavours to change.

In order to capture this yeast from the tanks and use in future beer fermentation, Range Brewing had two options:

1. change the current brewing process to allow for harvesting of yeast

2. purchase and implement a hose pump to successfully transfer active, live yeast from tanks for reuse. To avoid adjusting the refined and proven process, Mitch Pickford, Head Brewer at Range Brewing, contacted Global Pumps.


The solution

Mitch contacted Global Pumps through the website, highlighting the requirements of the peristaltic hose pump, as well as sanitary requirements.

Soon after the initial phone call, Global Pumps’ Queensland Representative, Mike got in touch and planned for a site visit. When handling food and beverage enquiries, the Global Pumps’ team aim to visit businesses to understand the application, troubles and ideal solution for the customer. Global Pumps’ and Mitch discussed Range Brewing’s current concerns and ideal solution - eventually agreeing that a Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pump would be the best resolution.

Peristaltic Hose Pumps provide a gentle, low shearing pumping action, suitable for viscous fluid handling and hygienic for the food and beverage industry. They are also one of the only pumps suitable for pumping the ‘bubble-like’ characteristics of yeast.

It was important that the peristaltic hose pump selected offered the following:

• food-grade safety and assurance
• suitability for slurries and other liquids with high percent of solids
• ability to operate without manual intervention

Due to the nature of the application, Global Pumps’ suggested the Dura 15 Hose Pump. With peace-of-mind knowing the pump selected satisfied the stringent requirements of the beverage industry, Range Brewing proceeded with the purchase and installation of a Verderflex Dura 15 hose pump.

19-090-GP-Dura-15-on-trolley_3Above: Range Brewing's Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pump on a trolley

The peristaltic hose pump selected was not a permanent fixture and would need to be moved throughout the production facilities, Global Pumps suggested a rolling trolley. This would allow the pump to be wheeled to each tank, piped up through quick connect fittings, and then controlled via a remote to start/stop. This installation would allow Range Brewing to optimise the use of the pump throughout the production process. It was from the original site visit with Mitch, Head Brewer that brought to life the requirements of Range Brewing. Not only did Mike select a pump that was fit for purpose, but he also advised and developed a solution to the entire problem.


Above: See the Verderflex pump in action on site at Range Brewing

The result

Following the installation of the hose pump, Range Brewing has saved more than $1,300 per 4 L pitch of imported yeast.

When chatting to Mitch, it was evident that the amount saved on yeast is significant. 

"Per 2,000 L of beer, we pitch 4 L of yeast which would costs $1,352.00. Out of a single 2000 L pitch we can harvest life cycles, which means over 10,000 L of beer can save Range Brewing $6,760.00."

As Range Brewing produce roughly 250,000 L of beer annually, there are significant savings being made. 

Besides monetary savings, it has allowed the brewery to be self-reliant, and not depend on overseas import for beer creation. The Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps has allowed for the successful harvesting of the yeast from the fermentation process. Global Pumps’ and Mitch’s understanding of the tough challenge, and the pumps’ capabilities, have resulted in a successful and reliable pump selection. 

After continuous support from the Global Pumps’ team, including installation of the Verderflex peristaltic hose pump, Range Brewing have noticed impressive results. The support has continued, with regular check-ins to ensure the Verderflex Dura 15 is performing as anticipated and required.

The Global Team are excited to continue working with Range Brewing as their business grows, expands and follows the path of yeast resistance. 


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