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Peristaltic Hose Pumps

The unique design of Verderflex® peristaltic pumps make them ideally suited to a wide range of application areas.

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Tube Pumps

The Verderflex® Rapide Tube Pumps are a range of industrial pumps with a balanced selection of simple to operate Peristaltic pumps.

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Global Pumps is a leading peristaltic hose pump supplier, providing a versatile range from the most premium brands within the industry. These products are designed to handle liquids with up to 80% particulate matter mixed in, such as sand and other slurries, as well as viscous liquids.

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Features of our peristaltic hose pumps include:


  • They can reach pressures of 16 Bar and flow rates of 150m /hr
  • No valves or seals in contact with process fluid.
  • Huge range of sizes to suit every application
  • Pumps available within Australia
  • Available with chemically resistant flange connections
  • Tough mechanical seal gearbox protection
  • Low pulse design to provide gentle pumping action, for shear sensitive flocculants and to increase viability of sensitive bacteria
  • Verderflex hoses are the longest life hoses, their life does not depend on the abrasiveness of the process fluid.
  • Low maintenance
  • Process fluid is completely contained within the pump in the event of a burst hose.
  • Process fluids with high SG are not an issue.
  • Ideal for slurries and other liquid with high percent solids.
  • Process fluids that contain gas are also not an issue. Peristaltic pumps by nature have no "vapour-lock" problems.
  • Advanced design means accurate and repeatable dosing
  • Verderflex pumps are operate without any manual intervention

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