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Insect pumps for remote QLD


The Challenge

Global Pumps was contacted by a university research station regarding a pump suitable to pump insect food for an overflow insect population. The pump had to meet the following requirements:

  • flow rate for water of up to 3 L/min.
volume of 4 mL or greater
  • ability to aliquot doses (ie. automatically repeat the same volume for as many times as we like, with the ability to interrupt the program and stop/start midway through dispensing)
  • aliquot small amounts of culture media from 5-25 mL in quick succession

Their previous pump turned obsolete, and the replacement they had was overly complicated for the required use. The customer had previously received a quote from another supplier, so Global Pumps was competing on lead time, price, and reliability, albeit they were confident they would meet these requirements.

The Solution

The team suggested a Verderflex Vantage 5000 specifically a control version with a 9.6 mm hose with 2.4 mm wall thickness. It can reach high discharge pressures, superior precision dosing and can provide flow rates up to 6,600 mL/min with 7 bar maximum pressure. 

An unexpected occurrence …

Global Pumps hit a roadblock when there was a delivery delay due to global supply chain issues. They were able to offer a solution: a higher-grade pump (remote version) from held stock at no extra cost. The user functionality the same except allows for external input such as 4-20 mA.

The Result

As a result, the customer received their pump 3 weeks earlier than expected and were able to begin solving their insect problems. The Verderflex Vantage 5000 was a perfect solution for this customer due to the high flow rate requirements. It also has a longer pump life as the higher flow rate meant the pump could run slower, meaning less pulsation instances and less wear on the motor.

Global Pumps maintains contact with the university and is thrilled to know that they are extremely satisfied with the outcome.

The team at Global Pumps was happy to solve this tough challenge.

To learn more about Verderflex pumps, get in touch with us with our in-house expert today.

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