Pump Installation: Why should you already be thinking about pump servicing?

To maintain optimal pump performance for longer, it is important to service your pump regularly, and ensure it's accessible for regular servicing including: removing sections of pipe work, maintaining sufficient cooling around the pump and having the required space for lifting equipment.


Centrifugal pump installation:

Centrifugal pumps may need spacer couplings. These couplings are essentially a cylindrical shaped coupling with a removable section, suitable for end suction back pull out pumps. These spacers allow enough space between the pumps mechanical seals when doing maintenance to avoid moving either the pump body or the driver.

Essentially this means …  prior to installation, ensure your pump has enough space on all sides for maintenance!

Q: Have you left enough room behind the motor for sufficient cooling?

If you need a process pump, try our centrifugal pumps with a back pull-out design. Not only are they easy for rapid dismantling, but easy for re-assembly too, which means they can be assembled at any location!

Peristaltic hose pump installations:

Peristaltic hose pumps will require removable sections up to the length of the internal hose. Make sure you leave enough room to remove the hose and have flexible pipe work or removable section of pipe.

The only real cost after purchase/installation is the hose/tube replacement. This is usually a minimal cost.

Do you need space for lifting equipment? Think about a space for lifting chains. Keep in mind you must have enough room around the motor for sufficient airflow!

Helical rotor pump installations:

You need to make sure you leave enough room to dismantle the pump to replace the stator and rotor. Usually this is about the length of the stator.

To maintain your pump's longevity, it is crucial to service your pumps regularly. Failing to do so will increase the risk of pump malfunction and inefficiencies. By having a regular servicing and maintenance plan prior to installation, you can maximise your pumps value and durability.

We recommend that you follow each manufacturer's installation recommendations by either talking with supplier or following the instruction manuals.


Learn more about your best practice for pump piping or get in touch with our team today. We have over 40-years’ experience working with a wide range of industries and can recommend the best practice for you when it comes to installing, maintaining, or refurbishing your pumps.


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