Types of wine pumps

With so many types of wine pumps available, it can be difficult understanding which type of wine pump is suitable for your winery. Depending on the stage of winemaking you are at, there may be different types of wine pumps appropriate. For example, there are pumps suitable for must, with open or flexible impeller characteristics allowing for whole or destemmed grapes, as well as pumps best suited for delicate handling and transfer of the finished product.


Global Pumps stock different types of wine pumps, catering to your site’s requirements no matter the stage of production. These types include:


Stainless steel centrifugal wine pumps

These hygienic centrifugal pumps are suitable for the food and beverage industry - constructed with stainless steel for optimal sanitation. This type of wine pump is ideal for transferring wine, with the open impeller design allowing soft particles. Centrifugal pumps offer wineries minimal maintenance, with their output very steady and consistent.


Flexible impeller wine pumps

Flexible impeller pumps are a type of positive displacement pump, which can achieve high flow capacity. This type of wine pump can run at different speeds and accommodate differing viscosity types. This pump offers a gentle pumping action which ensures the consistency of the fluid is unaffected by shear forces. These pumps are a popular choice for winemakers given their versatility and low maintenance requirements.


Lobe wine pumps

Lobe pumps are a type of positive displacement pump, specifically designed for food processing. This positive displacement pump is rotary, meaning that the actions of rotating cogs or gears transfer the fluids. The rotating element develops a liquid seal with the pump casing, with fluid drawn into the pump and transferring to the discharge.

Lobe pumps offer wineries the ability to handle different liquid viscosity. This type of wine pump is also ideal for those fragile solids, with its gentle pumping action maintaining the integrity of the product.


Helical rotor wine pumps

Helical rotor pumps are a popular choice for wineries given their ability to pump viscous materials and fluid metering. This type of wine pump is capable of handling different liquid viscosities, as well as fragile solids. Most importantly, helical rotor pumps offer smooth and even performance, reduced vibrations, turbulence, shear rates and pulsation.


Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AOD)

AOD pumps offer wineries a leak-free pump solution, with variable flow and discharge pressures. They are a popular choice given the self-priming, dry-running capabilities. This type of wine pump is available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel making them ideal for the food and beverage industry.


Do you want to learn more about the different types of wine pumps? Get in touch with Global Pumps to learn more about wine pumps and to find the ideal solution for your application. Our team of experts can advise of the suitable type of wine pump for your site.

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