What to know about hand-operated drum pumps

Hand-Operated Drum Pumps, sometimes referred to as manual hand pumps, are a safe and convenient drum pump suitable for emptying drums and containers. These pumps are generally more cost-effective, as there is no motor attached, and they require the operator to create the ‘pumping’ action.


In this blog, our team discuss everything there is to know about manual drum pumps…


What are hand-operated drum pumps?

Hand-operated drum pumps are one of the simplest and most economical pump solutions. They are operated manually by a lever which sits at the top of the immersion tube, on the outside of the container. The tube fits through and is often sealed, to the opening on the top of the container.


What applications are hand-operated drum pumps suitable for?

As hand-operated drum pumps are available in a variety of different materials, including seals, they are suitable for pumping acids, alkalies and water-based chemicals. 


Advantages of manual drum pumps

The main advantage of hand-operated drum pumps is that it eliminates any risks associated with transferring fluids from containers. Besides this key advantage, hand-operated drum pumps also offer operators the following:

  • Compatibility: hand-operated drum pumps are available in a variety of materials of constructions... manual drum pumps are compatible with various attachment allowing you to alternate tubes depending on the size of your drum.
  • Flexibility: most hand-operated drum pumps come with a telescopic pump tube which allows them to be used in different drum sizes. 
  • Low-cost pumping solution: as manual drum pumps do not have an electric or pneumatic motor as such, they are a low-cost pumping solution for those looking for a more economic option.


Disadvantages of hand-operated drum pumps

One of the main disadvantages of hand-operated drum pumps is the physical exertion required to generate the ‘pumping’ action. It can also be time consuming to transfer large amounts of liquid. 

There may also be restrictions with certain applications, particularly those with high-risk liquids like hazardous, corrosive or flammable.


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