Guide to pumping slurry

 One of the most common questions our team of pump experts is asked is, "how do I pump slurry?"


With that in mind, our team of experts offer this useful guide to pumping slurry:

What is ‘Slurry’?
Slurry is a mixture of fluid, which consists of a water-like liquid and particles. Generally, the slurry acts in the same way as a thick, sticky fluid – moving with gravity but normally requiring pumping. 

There are two types of slurries found in these industries:

  • Non-settling slurries consist of very fine particles and will not settle to the bottom of the pipe or could settle over a very long period of time (i.e. weeks).
  • Settling slurries are formed by coarse particles; forming from an unstable mixture. It is these settling slurries that have coarse particles.

Generally, slurries are:

  • Abrasive;
  • A thick consistency, and;
  • Include high number of solids or particles.

Selecting the right slurry pump

It’s important that the pump you select has components that won’t wear with an abrasive slurry.
For example:

  • What style of pump is suitable?
  • If centrifugal, is the design and material of the impeller appropriate?
  • What is the pump constructed of?
  • Are the discharge configurations appropriate for the abrasive slurry?
  • What is the best sealing arrangement for the application?

Traditionally, centrifugal pumps are used for pumping highly abrasive slurries. Centrifugal pumps use the force generated by a rotating impeller to impact kinetic energy to the slurry.

Considerations for your slurry pump
Pumping slurry can cause excessive wear and tear on pumps and their components as the slurry can clog suction and discharge lines.
Global Pumps are the pumping experts and offer some useful tips in maintaining your slurry pump:

  • Determine the perfect combination of slow pumping (to reduce the wear), but fast speed to keep the solids from settling and clogging;
  • Lower the pump’s discharge pressure to the lowest possible point, and;
  • Ensure you’re following the basic rules of pump piping.


Pumping slurry can be a challenging problem, but with the correct guidance, pump and maintenance plan, you’ll achieve operational success.

Global Pumps range of SlurryPro pumps provide superior wear-life and a reduction in lifetime costs. Mainly used in the mining and quarry industry, these pumps are known for their ability to pump highly-abrasive, high-density slurries.

To learn more about Global Pumps, or to find out about the SlurryPro range of centrifugal pumps, contact one of our friendly team members.


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