Pump Coating: Elastomeric vs Ceramic Coating

Choosing the right coating is essential for optimising pump performance.
Elastomeric and ceramic coatings, both offered by MetaLine, are popular choices in pump protection. In this article, we'll explore the unique features of each to help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.


Understanding Elastomeric Coatings:

Elastomeric coatings offer excellent resistance to abrasion, cavitation and corrosion. MetaLine Series 700 extends the functional life of steel, alloys, rubber, plastic or concrete by absorbing destructive kinetic forces. The flexibility of elastomeric coatings makes them well-suited for handling abrasive fluids or those with varying chemical compositions.

Exploring Ceramic Coatings:

Ceramic coatings, known for their exceptional hardness and durability, provides a robust trowel or brush-applied repair method on ferrous and non-ferrous components to solve maintenance problems such as leakage, breakage, erosion, corrosion, cavitation or wear. 

MetaLine: The Best of Both Worlds:

MetaLine surface protection coatings provide options for elastomeric and ceramic coatings. With features like up to 25% more erosion resistance than duplex steel (AISI 316) and up to 50 times more wear resistance than leading epoxy-ceramic brands, MetaLine coatings provide premium surface protection coatings across various industries.

Elastomeric Resilience & Versatility

Elastomeric coatings, including the Metaline Series 500, 600, and 700, offer outstanding resistance to impact and deformation. This unique property allows pumps to handle sudden shifts in fluid dynamics without sacrificing performance. For customers looking for versatility in their pumping setups, elastomeric coatings are a fantastic option. They excel in situations that require flexibility and adaptability, whether it's dealing with fluctuating temperatures or handling chemically aggressive fluids. This adaptability means pumps equipped with elastomeric coatings can handle a wide range of operating conditions effortlessly.

Ceramic Strength & Endurance

On the other hand, ceramic coatings excel in strength and hardness, making them perfect for handling abrasive wear. This makes them the top choice for the mining industry and chemical transfer pumps, where the pump parts deal with a lot of abrasion. This toughness ensures that our customers can rely on a smooth and steady pumping process. In tough conditions, such as high temperatures or corrosive environments, ceramic coatings act like a fortress, keeping pump components strong and intact even under heavy stress. This is why coatings like the MetaLine Series XL are essential for situations where pump parts are constantly under pressure.

At Global Pumps, we recognise that every pumping application has its unique surface protection requirements. Our dedication lies in delivering customised solutions that address the specific needs and challenges of our customers. By offering a variety of elastomeric and ceramic coatings, we empower our clients to make informed decisions that optimise performance and enhance efficiency.

Our team of experts is committed to guiding customers in selecting the most suitable coating for their pumps. We don't just provide products; we offer solutions that improve the reliability and lifespan of your pumping systems.

When it comes to the debate between elastomeric and ceramic coatings for pumps, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The choice depends on the intricacies of your application, the properties of the fluids being handled, and the environmental conditions your pumps will encounter. At Global Pumps, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner throughout this decision-making process.

Whether you choose the resilience of elastomeric coatings or the enduring strength of ceramics, you can be confident that you're supported by a team dedicated to your success. Choose wisely, choose confidently, and let your pumps thrive in any situation. Contact us today for more information. 

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