MetaLine 680 - The trowelable elastomeric coating

The MetaLine 680 is an innovative advancement in our MetaLine 700 series, offering a unique approach to surface protection. This improved option elastomeric coating is specifically designed to restore surfaces by filling in gaps, seams, voids, and other imperfections using a trowel application method, as opposed to spray application.


What sets the MetaLine 680 apart? Here are several reasons why you should consider this new option:

  1. Compatibility with MetaLine 700 Series for overcoating: The MetaLine 680 is an elastomeric coating that can be conveniently overcoated using products from our MetaLine 700 series and it can be carried out in 30 minutes without priming.

  2. Air-Free Auto-Mixing: The coating features a user-friendly air-free auto-mixing system, ensuring easy and efficient application without the need for additional equipment.

  3. Vertical Stability: With the MetaLine 680, you can trust its exceptional performance on vertical surfaces. It can withstand up to 25 mm without sagging, providing reliable coverage and even distribution.

  4. No shrinking or swelling: Unlike some alternatives, the MetaLine 680 elastomeric coating is completely free from shrinking or swelling during and after application, ensuring a consistent and durable surface.

  5. Dynamic Abrasion Resistance: MetaLine 680 is the leading abrasion resistant coating. It exhibits superior performance in erosion and cavitation, even surpassing that of stainless steel.

  6. Quick Curing Time: The MetaLine 680 offers excellent time efficiency. Once cured at 20 °C (68 °F), it can be used within 24 hours, allowing for faster project completion and reduced downtime.

key features:

Stand-alone system Sandwich system Repair system
Compatible with all MetaLine primers like 900/910/920, bonding it to metal, steel, rubber, polyurethane, polyurea, neoprene, concrete, wood, or polar plastics. No waiting time and NO primer
is required if overcoated within 30 minutes "wet-in-wet" using MetaLine
For permanent repairs to worn rubber parts or linings.
Resists bending forces and massive dynamic loads.


At Global Pumps, we understand the importance of proper coating performance and surface protection. If you're experiencing challenges with your coating application, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today, we're available from 7 AM to 5 PM Adelaide time in Australia.


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