Peristaltic Hose Pump Advantages for Pumping Slurries

Posted on 29 July 2013

Diaphragm vs Peristaltic

The advantages of peristaltic hose pumps over using a centrifugal pump for slurry. Learn where you can save time and money by using Verderflex.

Save water

Traditional centrifugal slurry pumps lose efficiency when the specific gravity of the slurry reaches about 1.3 or 30% solid content. This puts a significant demand – in terms of process water – on the pump. In contrast, peristaltic hose pumps can process slurries with specific gravities of up to 1.6 to 1.8 (80% solids) using much less water per ton of ore than slurry pumps. This translates into a water savings of over 1,100 million litres for each centrifugal slurry pump replaced with a peristaltic hose pump (assuming a plant that processes 75 tons of ore per/hr and at 65% solids). That’s because peristaltic hose pumps require only 25% of the process water that a centrifugal slurry pump uses for the same duty.

Save Power

In addition to the water savings described above, peristaltic hose pumps use less energy. If we use the same scenario as above, 75 tons of ore processed per hour, peristaltic hose pumps (Verderflex VF125 operated at full flow, on thickener underflow duty) uses about 35kW, whereas a typical slurry pump would require 70kW. This is more than a 50% savings of electricity (reduction in annual power needs by over 210MW hours). This has a double benefit. First, it significantly reduces the demand for operating power translating into direct savings and second, it reduces or eliminates concerns over power rationing and reduces development costs for importing power. Finally because there is a reduced need to develop the infrastructure to support importing power, this can prevent or reduce environmental impact leading to a reduction in the delays due to the development of the infrastructure itself and to potential environmental opposition.

Save Space

The ability to pump fluids with higher solid content can reduce the number of post thickener filter stages, leading to a reduced physical plant footprint. Another double benefit – reduced initial capital investment and the potential to save on reduced operating costs.

Reduce Pollution

Environmental impact is a key concern of mining operations. Cyanide is used in mineral recovery (e.g. gold recovery). But cyanide has many dangerous environmental consequences. It pollutes land around the plant leading to contaminated water supplies, resulting in the killing of water life. Progressive cavity pumps have historically performed dosing of cyanide, but the integral design of these pumps (with seals) is a clear leakage risk. Peristaltic hose pumps are seal-less and therefore have a lower risk of contamination.

Reduce Damage & Chemical use

Peristaltic pumping is inherently gentler on the process fluid than other pumping actions. New processes for precious metal recovery, using live cell cultures to free gold from sulphide ores will significantly benefit from the gentle pumping action of a peristaltic hose pump – improving yields and as a side benefit, reducing the use of cyanide. Additionally, the peristaltic pump’s low shear stress helps to maintain particle size, reducing the need for additives to prevent flocculation. Contrast this to the case where high shear stress pumps are used, leading to increased additive use and increased operating costs. Use of peristaltic hose pumps also eliminates the need for post processing to remove additives and a reduction in waste and/or waste processing due to the reduced use of extra chemical additives.

Save on Maintenance Costs & Reduce Downtime

Many slurries are highly abrasive or corrosive. Traditional slurry pumps with impellers require expensive and frequent replacement. No need to replace impellers made from exotic metals. Peristaltic hose pumps, on the other hand, have only the hose in contact with the process fluid. With modern, elastomer lined hoses, the service life of these pumps is measured in months rather than days and hoses can be replaced in situ, resulting in a similar reduction in downtime for service. The elastomers used in the hoses have been proven in the mining industry to withstand the corrosive/abrasive qualities of the typical slurry.

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