Solving Gelista's ripple challenge

Peter Cox from artisan ice cream and gelati manufacturer Gelista, explains how Global Pumps solved his challenge with a Verderflex Rapide tube pump.


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The installation of a Verderflex Rapide tube pump allowed an artisan ice cream manufacturer to control ingredient consistency with precision while significantly reducing down time.


The challenge

For Peter Cox of premium ice cream and gelati manufacturer Gelista, creating the perfect berry ripple was a challenge. The biggest issue was being able to have the perfect consistency for the ripple effect each and every time. Initially, this was carried out by hand, but this still resulted in different consistencies and quantities being delivered to each food container.

It was clear to Peter Cox and Gelista that creating ripple ingredients in their ice cream by hand was too time consuming and imprecise. This was particularly true because the demand for Gelista’s products was significantly increasing, and so better and faster production techniques were necessary to meet this demand. Furthermore, many of Gelista’s chosen ingredients included small seeds which had to remain intact during production.

A solution had to be found.


The solution

The first stage of this solution was realising that a pump could help deliver the exact consistency and volume required for the rippling process. This, however, was only half of the problem - which pump type and brand to choose presented its own issues.

Gelista settled on a Verderflex peristaltic pump setup because this would allow the company’s food preparation staff to control the rate of flow of ingredients. Because Gelista is an artisan ice cream and gelati company, the ability to perfectly control the volume and speed at which ingredients are delivered, allows them to create premium food items to their exact requirements. Any incorporated equipment had to facilitate this precision, and that is why they needed a pump supplier who is an expert in pump technology.

Based on Global Pump’s reputation as a leading distributor of pumps throughout Australia and beyond, Gelista was confident in the brand. After some consultation, the Verderflex Rapide tube pump was chosen. This type of peristaltic pump was chosen because of its pure engineering. The Rapide Series of pumps includes a compact design, is simple to operate, and it requires no tools during any tube changes. This was important as Gelista’s staff had to be able to quickly clean the pump between production cycles.


The result

After installing the Verderflex Rapide tube pump, Gelista was able to increase production times while creating a more consistent ripple in their ice cream lines. Cleaning times were fast and simple, resulting in much reduced downtime. With this expanded production capability, the  business grew markedly and Gelista found the need to scale up their production process. To do this, they once again turned to Global Pumps experts who provided Gelista with a larger rotor and other equipment at a competitive price. These further enhanced Gelista’s production volume. The business continues to go from strength to strength today - not to mention now being able to make an even better berry ripple product for their customers!


Do you need a pump for food production?

Gelista is just one of many businesses which Global Pumps has helped to solve their production problems and increase their productivity. If you have a query about how you can do the same for your business, please contact our Global Pumps experts today, who will gladly assist you in identifying the perfect pump to take your business to the next level.


Video Transcript


At Gelista we make premium gelato and ice cream products.

Our business was growing,

we were putting our ripples into the gelato by hand

we had problems with getting the right consistency and the right quantity in each container

so that's when we had to seek out a better solution.

We did find a number of different people that could supply us with the pump,

the main reason why we settled on the peristaltic pump

is because we could be able to slow it down and speed it up as well.

Our ice cream and gelato products are artisan

so we tend to leave the small seeds,

for example from our fig ripple, so that means we needed to be able to pump these.

One of the other major advantages of the peristaltic pump

was our ability to very quickly and easily clean the pump,

it needs to be cleaned and sanitised prior to the next production,

so it was simply just a matter of removing the hose

and then pump through cleaning fluid. Very, very simple.

When we first bought it we had the small head on the Verderflex pump

and then as our business grew we, needed to scale-up

and simply get Global Pumps to supply us with a larger rotor.

Because they are specialists in their field,

they have access to a huge variety of pumps and solutions that we could have come up with,

but this one was chosen as the best suited to our needs.

It was great to deal with Global Pumps

because I was able to do some

after-sales things including put this

cover over the pump so that it met our

food-grade criteria which, is pretty stringent.

Global Pumps was able to

provide us with a suitable pump,

offered the most cost-effective solution supplied,

so that we could put it into use very quickly


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