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22 January 2014

Polyelectrolyte Pumps

An industrial waste water treatment company required a cost effective solution to pumping liquid polymer.


A company that designs, manufactures and constructs industrial waste water treatment plants was in need of a pump to pump a polyelectrolyte, and had been previously using a helical rotor pump but was unhappy with the costs. This was quite the challenge, as the pump needed would have to be able to transfer liquid polymer, which is a thick, viscous liquid with a kerosene (hydrocarbon) carrier of around 30%.

As well as finding a more cost effective solution than a helical rotor pump, plus something that was compatible with the customer's current system, it was also requested that the hose would last longer than 3 months.


The team at Global Pumps met this challenge head on. After analysing the customer's current system and what their specific requirements dictated, we supplied a Verderflex peristaltic hose pump. Why? For a number of reasons, including the fact that it:

  • Has a low shear operation which can handle pumping the polymer
  • Has the ability to handle viscous liquid
  • Has a good metering/dosing capability of ±5% accuracy
  • Is easy to service with only one wearing part, compared to a helical rotor which has a stator, rotor, mechanical seal and more
  • Longer hose life than conventional hose pumps

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