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Raising the bar for Lady Burra Brewhouse in Adelaide

Lady Burra Brewhouse was established as a testament to Elizabeth Lilian Oliver, the daughter of Irish immigrant parents and a pioneer in the brewing world. Lady Burra is tribute to the young woman’s entrepreneurial spirit, perfectionist brewing techniques and thirst to find love in all things.

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Named Australian Brewery of the Year in 2019, Lady Burra Brewery is renowned for their variety of beers infused with flavours like caramel malt sweetness, through to aromatic tropical fruits and spices.

Everything produced by Lady Burra Brewery is made using only the finest ingredients and are all brewed their brewery located in the Adelaide CBD.


The challenge

Recently, Head Brewer Mark got in touch with our Global Pumps team. Mark noticed their mechanical seals were leaking and he was eager to get on top of the problem. More of an annoyance than anything, Mark knew that if he left it unattended to these minor leaks could greatly damage the pumps.

When describing the leakage, Mark said “I try and keep on top of these things as soon as I can. I’m aware that in the short-term you can live with a leaking mechanical seal, but in the long-term it’s doing far more damage to your pump”.

Solving the challenge

Mark discussed the challenge over the phone with our team. The Global Pumps team suggested a site visit to determine the cause of the leakage and assess the entire pumping systems.

“A staff member from Global Pumps came out to our Adelaide microbrewery and had a look at our pumps. They immediately offered a few ideas and was able to provide us with a quick solution,” Mark describes.

“We’ve recognised that we have an under-sized pump but didn’t want to spend money to fix it at that time. Global Pumps instead focused on the challenge and found a solution for our current problem.

“We didn’t feel as if we were ‘being sold to’ or were ‘forced to buy’,” recounts Mark.

The team advised that the pump was also cavitating due to the high pressure. Therefore, they discussed the need to use a variable speed drive (VSD) to adjust the pressure on start up, and after five minutes or so increase the VSD when the pump was under load. By implementing this, Lady Burra have avoided servicing the pumps, or purchasing a new one - saving the brewery thousands of dollars.

Pumps on site at Lady Burra Brewhouse in Adelaide


The experience

When asked to describe the experience working with Global Pumps, Mark believes the experience was wonderful.

“It was great. The team were very helpful and came up with a number of suggestions that met our requirements and budget.”

“Global Pumps found solutions that could fix and improve the system we currently have.”

“From this experience, I would definitely recommend the Global Pumps team. There was great follow-up and a quick turnaround,” shares Mark.


Are you experiencing pumping concerns? Get in touch with Global Pumps. Our team are committed to finding the right solution for your tough challenge. Whether you’re looking for a new system, or are wanting to optimise your current pumping system, give our Consultants a call!

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