Decanting Sunflower Oil with Techniflo Drum Pumps

A client came to Global Pumps needing a pump to decant sunflower oil.

The Challenge

A valued client approached Global Pumps for assistance in finding a suitable pump for the transferring of sunflower oil from a 200 litre drum. As sunflower oil is a viscous medium, it required a pump that can effectively handle viscid liquids without wastage and with as little wear to the pump as possible. The client also needed a pump tube long enough to fully decant the drum.

The Solution

Global Pumps was able to recommend the Techniflo Drum Pump, model TP-AIR2-SS-1000/41. This pump is constructed from hard-wearing materials that can process viscous liquids with minimal deterioration. The pump tube is made from 316 stainless steel constructions and is 1000mm in length, perfect for decanting the 200-litre drum. A compressed air motor, model TP-AIR2, is supplied to operate the pump. The motor is also available in 600W ATEX version.

The Techniflo Drum pump is very easy to operate and starts transferring the medium (e.g. sunflower oil) as soon as the button, visible on the pump handle, is pressed. It has an amazing flow rate of up to 120Litres/minute and can handle substances with a viscosity of up to 600MPas.

Global Pumps carries Techniflo Drum Pumps in stock and we were able to promptly select and supply the perfect pump for the client’s application in a exceptionally short space of time.

The Result

The client has been continually benefitting from the instalment of the Techniflo Drum Pump. It has proved effective and efficient in handling the sunflower oil and our client is completely satisfied with the pump’s performance.

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