Beerenberg's 'berry' tough challenge

Matt Noske, Site Operations Manager from Beerenberg in Hahndorf, explains how Global Pumps played an integral part in the farm’s expansion.

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The challenge

For over 45 years, Beerenberg has been producing iconic strawberry jam and other condiments from their family farm in Hahndorf. The delicious range of products can be found in 24 countries, major airlines and more than 300 hotels worldwide.

In recent years, following the re-branding and continued export, demand has only increased.  Since condiments were still being created in the original factory and workshop, the Peach family decided it was time to expand, which lead to the major office/warehouse/factory development proposal.

Having looked at what was available on the market, Beerenberg asked Global Pumps to engineer the best solution for each application having particular focus on reliability and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

To ensure the pumps met Beerenberg’s eventual production requirements, consideration was made for the application. The pumps would be responsible for transferring vinegar and canola oil. Viscosity wasn’t the only consideration, Global Pumps were supplied with various duties, which pumps had to match in order to be suitable. This and the legal requirements of the food and beverage industry, meant the pumps needed to be food grade as well.


The solution

Through conversations with Tim Footner, Maintenance Manager, and Matt Noske Site Operations Manager, Global Pumps identified 8 x stainless steel Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps, 3 of which were self-priming, and 2 x Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps. The focus for Global Pumps was on equipment longevity, high quality products and food-grade approval.

The range of Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps offered stainless steel fluid handling capabilities, suitable for food processing, and compliant with health and safety requirements. Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps were selected their for their capabilities in multiple industries and ease of use. High performing pumps were selected to ensure a reduced downtime during production and easy-maintenance for staff if service or repairs were required in the long-term.

It was important for Global Pumps to demonstrate the suitability of the products, capabilities of the team and the value of these pumps. Due to the demand placed on these pumps during production, Global Pumps’ ability to quickly supply pumps and spares was reassuring to maintenance staff. 


The result

Today, the $14 million, 6,500 m2 expansion achieves a production of 60,000 bottles of sauce every shift rotation, that’s an increase of 15 tonnes of products in an eight-hour shift.

The pumps offered by Global Pumps has made a significant impact on this increase in production and the successful expansion achieved by the Paech family. With growth expected to increase by 10% a year, the expansion of this SA icon is still in its infancy.

Since the development was completed, the relationship between family businesses has continued. Our team are continually touching base with Tim and Matt to ensure the pumps are achieving optimal results.

The Global Team are excited to continue being part of Beerenberg’s developing story and wish to congratulate them on building such an outstanding modern manufacturing facility. 


Contact us for more information regarding which food grade pump is best suited to your application.

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