AOD Pumping Oil, Sand & Water

VerderAir VA80 Air operated double diaphragm pump in the Oil and Gas Industry.


In the oil and gas industry, pumps are used to pump everything and must be able to transfer many different types of fluids. One company felt that their current pumps weren’t operating at the efficiency and with the flexibility required, and therefore wanted to replace their current lineup of Air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps with something more efficient, flexible and robust. These pumps are used in high profile shale gas projects as well as for more conventional oil and gas projects.


Global Pumps recommended VerderAir’s VA80 AODD pumps due to the type of duty that the pump was going to be used for. Most of the time, the pumps are used to fill crude oil into tankers, but occasionally they are used to transfer water to evaporating ponds, and even used to pump material with an extremely high solid content. VerderAir’s VA80 was chosen for its flexibility, robustness and ease of maintenance.


Because it’s an AODD, the VA80 can pump a wide variety of liquids and solids without problems. The pump is designed to withstand aggressive and abrasive fluids and to work in the inhospitable environments typically found in the oil and gas industry. Since they’ve replaced all their previous pumps with VerderAir’s VA80, they have discovered that the reliability and ease of use are not just marketing ploys, but actually make the VA80 the preferred choice of pump. The customer remarked: “we use them to pump all sorts of stuff like sand, etc. and when they stop, we just give them a clean and they start going again”.

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