Verderflex solves dosing needs of water and wastewater industry

Verderflex hose pumps solve dosing needs of water and wastewater industry

Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pumps offers the water and wastewater industry treatment solutions for their tough challenges.


If you work in the wastewater industry and require treatment to a liquid stream, or repeatable dosing and mixing, have you considered a peristaltic hose pump?

When treating water and wastewater, peristaltic hose pumps offer:

  • repeatable flow rates especially when dosing
  • resist abrasive wear
  • controllable via plant control systems
  • easy to maintain


Lime dosing with Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps

Lime is an economical and effective method of wastewater treatment. This alkaline product has several advantages for conventional chemical treatment of industrial inorganic waste waters: control of pH, neutralizing of acidic wastewater, a reduction in the concentration of oxidizable organic pollutants, clarification, precipitation of dissolved pollutants, as well as flocculation and coagulation of colloidal particles. Today, the most commonly used lime product is calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) with a purity of more than 90%.

The composition of lime makes it a harsh and corrosive chemical. Therefore, it is crucial that this chemical is accurately dosed into wastewater for optimal results and zero leakage. The nature of lime means it causes continual wear problems for some pumps, including progressive cavity pumps. If using an unsuitable pump, operators will find a higher stator replacement cost and frequent maintenance downtime.

Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps offer a reliable dosing solution for highly corrosive chemicals, like lime. Hose pumps offer operators in the water and wastewater treatment industry a reliable and cost-effective solution, as:

  • lime is highly viscous, usually too viscous for diaphragm pumps, causing them to clog up - resulting in greater maintenance requirements and costs
  • the peristaltic working principle ensures the product remains in suspension
  • the smooth liquid passage ensures no product settles

If you are concerned about leaks, and the consequent risk of workplace contamination - the seal-less design of the Verderflex range eliminates any possible leakage.


Polymers and ferric dosing in coagulation processes

Polymers and “ferric” are commonly used to dose coagulants into clean water plants to remove peat, suspended solids and residual colours from clean water streams. These chemicals effectively increase solid separation time, allowing for greater waste volumes to be treated per day.

The capabilities of the Verderflex range ensure effective dosing of polymers and “ferric”, as:

  • most polymers are highly shear sensitive
  • high shear rate pumping solutions increase coagulant costs, lowering plant efficiency
  • over-dosing causes coagulant to be re-circulated into the plant inlet stream, this reduces the effectiveness of lime treatment, increasing costs of the operation
  • the gentle peristaltic action maximises coagulant performance by maintaining particle size and increasing plant efficiency
  • accurate coagulant dosing rates, which optimize the chemical usage
  • peristaltic pumps are abrasion resistant, so they provide the reliable and predictable service required in water and wastewater treatment facilities


Want to learn more about how the Verderflex hose pump range can help you at your water and wastewater treatment facilities? Global Pumps are Australia’s leading hose pump supplier, with over forty years’ experience. Get in touch with out team of experts. We can advise of best practice and recommend which pump will solve your tough challenge.




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