Techniflo Slurry Pumping, Solids Handling Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps

Posted on 16 August 2013
The Techniflo Magnetic Drive TB Series pump can handle slurries with a concentration of solids of up to 30% and particle sizes up to 6mm are possible.

TB Series Techniflo Mag Drive Centrifugal Pumps clearance rings restrict solids greater than 0.1mm from entering the containment shell area, keeping all bearings and critical flow paths clear. This enables the pump to successfully handle solids.


Solids enter the pump through suction and pass out through the discharge nozzle. Some of the solids will try to leak around the impeller past the wear rings. The leakage past the front wear rings simply returns the particles directly to the suction flow.

However, leakage past the back wear rings could bring particles in contact with the inner magnets, the containment shell and the radial bearings. Fortunately, wear rings restrict solids > 0.005” from entering the containment shell area, keeping all bearings and critical flow paths clear. No other non-metallic magnetic drive pump keeps solids from entering these critical areas behind the impeller.

Thrust Balanced

The TB series Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps has a zero balanced thrust design and hence no internal thrust bearings, eliminating any internal high force areas where solids can abrade the pump. The rear of the pump is further protected by a self-contained rotary filter that ensures all solids are contained within the impeller end of the pump and are quickly dissipated through the discharge.

Chemically Inert Materials

The TechnifloTB shaft and bearings are manufactured only in silicon carbide, the thermal properites of this material make it slower to heat up and quicker to cool down than ceramic, making the pump very forgiving and tolerant of any intermittent short term dry running.

Low NPSH Requirement

The Techniflo centrifugal pumps are highly efficient and have exceptionally low NPSH requirements, giving a stable hydraulic platform that can cover a wide range of process demands.

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