Techniflo Magnetic Drive Pumps for Mining

Posted on 11 February 2015
Techniflo is the world leader in providing magnetic drive pumps for the mining industry. These drives are ideal for transferring corrosive or dangerous liquids due to their sealless design, making them virtually leak-proof. The potentially harmful process fluid is retained within the pump, resulting in a safer working environment for personnel.

Magnetic drive pumps use powerful synchronous magnets outside of the liquid end of the pump to transfer the driving force to the drive train within the liquid end, allowing the hazardous process fluid to remain sealed within the liquid end of the pump and resulting in a pump that requires no seals or packed glands because of the magnetic coupling.

Techniflo TB magnetic drive centrifugal pumps conform to the ANSI B73.1M standard, an international standard for chemical process pumps. These pumps are manufactured with many special features, including the world’s first patented thrust balanced design, an open impeller eye, and can be serviced with a single sized spanner. These characteristics enable the pumping of slurries with high percentage of solids (i.e. slurries) while maximizing pump efficiency, and minimizing maintenance requirements.

Designed for use in non-ideal conditions, magnetic drive pumps are in use in a wide variety of duties in mines, pumping liquids containing, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, cyanide, sodium hydroxide, chlorine, brine, and hydrogen peroxide among others.

Many mining operations have standardized on Techniflo’s magnetic drive pumps because of their increased safety and have benefitted from the quality, reliability and minimal downtime provided by these pumps.

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