Steptronic range of pumps from Verderflex


The new peristaltic pump range, Steptronic, recently introduced by Verderflex incorporates an integrated stepper motor. Its accurate, high resolution, stepper drive is ideal for either critical multi-cycle OEM solutions or continuous duty cycle applications. The Steptronic range of pumps are highly versatile, offering flow rates from 0.1 to 1310 ml per minute and a head turning 4096 to 1 turn down ratio with speeds greater than 400rpm. Plus it has multiple power inputs with both AC and DC options available. Highly configurable with a range of accessories including alternative casing materials, IP66 rating, remote power supplies and switches, as well as custom factory set speed, torque and ramp settings.

Two head options are available for the Steptronic series. End users can choose either the high performance “EZ” pump head or the new “Mini-load” allowing for smaller loads. The new mini-load has a number of important design features, including a compact footprint, 4-roller design, dual stackable heads, quick tube release and exclusive tube clamp inserts.

Steptronic pumps are used in many settings including life sciences applications, including bio-decontamination of medical equipment, pharmaceutical application where dosing is critical, chlorine monitoring and dispensing systems, water treatment, and in laboratory research cross flow filter applications as well as lubrication of industrial grinding machinery.

Global Pumps is the Australian importer for the Verderflex peristaltic hose pumps.

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