Top five benefits of investing in a sanitary peristaltic hose pump

Sanitary peristaltic hose pumps are commonly used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries due to their contamination-free fluid transfer capabilities. However, there are additional benefits that sanitary peristaltic hose pumps offer operators. 


In this blog, our team discuss the top five benefits of investing in a sanitary peristaltic hose pump…


1. Suitable for diverse range of applications

Sanitary peristaltic hose pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly those that impose strict hygienic standards. 

For example, sanitary peristaltic hose pumps are commonly installed in the food and beverage industry, where equipment must comply with food-grade standards. In the pharmaceuticals and laboratory industries, the sanitary peristaltic hose pump’s tube is the only part that comes in contact with the product and can be sterilised on site and easily changed. 


2. Low shear, self-priming and dry running

Did you know that sanitary peristaltic hose pumps offer a gentle pumping action for those shear sensitive fluids? Their low pulse design provides the gentle pumping action suitable for shear sensitive ingredients and increases viability of sensitive bacteria. They are also self-priming and dry running, meaning there is less chance of operator error and they can effectively operate without the need for personnel. 


3. Only wearing part is the tube or hose

Within these sanitary peristaltic hose pumps, the only wearing part or component that requires replacement, is the tube or hose within and the lubrication. The life of this component is determined by what you are pumping, whether it be a high viscosity fluid or a product with particulate matter. Hoses are also available in a wide range of materials to ensure compatibility with the pumped fluid - to ensure longer life of parts.   


4. Dosing and metering capabilities

All hose and tube pumps offer consistent, predictable, and reliable dosing mechanisms. The Verderflex range of sanitary peristaltic hose or tube pumps offer dosing accuracy of +/-0.5%. The Vantage 5000 is specifically designed as a precision dosing and dispensing pump, suitable for the demands of pharmaceutical applications or food and beverage industries. 


5. Easy to install, simple to operate and inexpensive to maintain

Sanitary peristaltic hose pumps are capable of operation without manual intervention, meaning reducing operator errors. As the tube or hose is the only component that comes into contact with the pumped liquid, the only maintenance requirement may be replacement of the tube and relubrication of the pump. Resulting in an inexpensive sanitary peristaltic hose pump for your industrial application.  


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