Introducing the latest range in Global Pumps' product portfolio

If you haven’t heard the news - Global Pumps have acquired Australian Industrial Pump Systems who have built up an enviable reputation over their 27 year history being one of Australia's leading manufacturers of high-end Packaged Fire Pump Systems. This new acquisition sees the Global Pumps’ product portfolio extend to incorporate fire pumps and complete, packaged fire pump systems.

The new range of fire pumpsets allows Global Pumps to solve further tough challenges for customers and provide from one supplier the complete range of pumping equipment required on major projects.

Want to know more about this range? We’ve answered all your questions in this handy blog…


What types of Fire Pumps are available through Global Pumps?

Whether you’re after a standalone or complete packaged fire pumps, Global Pumps can assist. Our team of experts are capable of building a custom fire pump package to fit any plant room, with diesel and electric motors available to meet your site’s requirements or demands. Units can also be supplied container mounter for remote applications.

For the pumps themselves, Global Pumps offer the ISO Centrifugal End Suction pumps, which are simple and effective in design. These pumps offer operators optimized performance to ensure the highest capacity. Besides this, compared to alternative options, these pumps offer lower operating costs and have excellent interchangeability.

Depending on your application, other pumps can be incorporated in the complete fire pump packaged systems including horizontal split case centrifugal. This can be discussed with a Global Pumps’ team member.


Can Global Pumps customise packaged fire pump systems?

Yes, we have a specialised team who have the capacity to design and build complete, turn-key solutions for a wide range of packaged fire pump systems. Our team also complete a full test of the pump system under simulated site conditions to ensure it achieves the quoted duties.

These packaged solutions are available with suction and discharge manifolds, valves, controllers, jacking pump and switches all pre-wired, pre-plumbed and tested.


What sort of compliance do these fire pump systems achieve?

All fire pumps and packaged fire pump systems achieve compliance with Australian Standard AS 2941-2013 as well as the intent of American Fire Pump Standard NFPA20.

The Australian Standard AS 2941-2013 sets out the stringent requirements for fire pump systems used in various types of fire protection systems. The standard provides designers, manufacturers, installers and testers with minimal requirements for the design, manufacture, installation and testing of fire pumpsets including acceptance testing of electrical and compression-ignition drives.

The Intent of American Fire Pump Standard NFPA20 protects the life and property by providing requirements for the selection and installation of pumps to ensure that systems will work as intended to deliver adequate and reliable water supplies in a fire emergency.


What other types of diesel driven pumpsets can Global Pumps supply?

Global Pumps can supply a wide range of diesel driven pump sets for applications including remote water supply projects, as well as mine dewatering and dust suppression. Our specialised projects team collaborate with clients to create a solution best suited to the application, the environment and the objectives of the customer. 


Need more information? Or maybe you want to chat about your application?

Get in touch with our Global Pumps’ team. We can discuss your specific application, discuss our capabilities and find the right fire pump system for your site!

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