Global Pumps Release New Techniflo Mag Drive High Head Series

Posted on 15 March 2016

Global Pumps, a leader in industrial and mining pump technologies, has announced the release of the new Mag Drive High Head Series from Techniflo. The most recent in a series of product launches by Global Pumps, the company aims to meet the needs of businesses and individuals who require efficient pumps in their processes.

The Mag Drive High Head Series is designed and manufactured by Techniflo to have a leak-free design, something which is of particular interest to industries processing caustic or acidic materials. The new series can generate a head pressure of up to 47 m, which makes it the perfect option for applications which require both a high pressure and a low flow rate. With its chemical resistant, non-metallic components, owners of the Mag Drive Series can be confident in meeting all safety standards as any metallic components do not come into contact with a fluid being pumped.

The new Mag Drive High Head Series comes in two different models, one made from polypropylene, the other from ETFE, a polymer with a high melting temperature which is excellent at resisting chemical corrosion. The combination of these materials and the fact that there are no seals which can leak, makes the Mag Drive High Head Series pumps the safest option available on the market for transporting hazardous fluids.

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