Global Pumps offers sustainable pumping solutions

Global Pumps offers sustainable pumping solutions

Posted on 27 May 2020

With over forty-years’ experience, Global Pumps offer sustainable pumping solutions for businesses across Australia. Our team understand how imperative operational efficiency and reduced downtime are for industries.


Sustainability extends to a conscious decision to select products (pumps and equipment) that not only offer reliability and durability, but reduce maintenance costs, decrease energy and water consumption and do not leak.

With that in mind, our Global Pumps team share the considerations that should be made when selecting a sustainable pumping option.

How can pumps help our business’s sustainability and environmental commitments?

A lot of processes, in a wide range of industries from mining through to food and beverage, depend on reliable and durable pumping systems.

Selecting the right pump for your application can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Reduction in energy costs - a pump selected with the correct power and ability can ensure less power is drawn
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and downtime - preventative maintenance can ensure less breakdowns and less chance of costly downtime.
  • Accurate dosing reduces risk of waste - selecting a pump with accurate dosing abilities will ensure the product you’re pumping is not unnecessarily wasted
  • Leak-free pumps reduce risk of leakage to sensitive environments - if you’re pumping harsh, corrosive chemicals a leak free pump is crucial in maintaining your environment, the health and safety of your staff
  • Innovations that reduce water usage and wastage - mechanical seals and other innovative designs that reduce water waste and save you money down the track

What should I look for when making a sustainable pump decision?

When selecting a pump that will not only improve operational abilities, but be environmentally friendly, Global Pumps suggest the following key considerations…

Is this pump suitable for my application?

The pump you purchase must be suitable for the harsh, abrasive or corrosive product you are pumping. If the pump is not chemically compatible with the fluid, it could leak, corrode the materials and cause serious harm to your employees, infrastructure and the environment.

What is the pump’s wearing parts?

Consider the long-term costs associated with the pump, parts that may wear given your application and the servicing requirements. This will ensure you can sustain the pump for its life - and provide you with a clear snapshot of its longer-term costs.

How much energy or water will my pump use?

It’s important you know the power required for the pump to operate. Don’t have any surprises when you get bills - be prepared.

Also consider specific parts that may use greater energy or require flush water. Some mechanical seals require a separate system to pump flush water. This causes greater wastage and can be avoided through chats with the team of experts at Global Pumps.  


How do Global Pumps operate sustainably?

Global Pumps is committed to sustainable and sound environmental practices. Through the implementation of our sustainability policy, we seek to improve both our own and our customers performance in reducing the environmental impact of their activities and mitigate the risk of environmental damage.

Global Pumps offer clients a wide range of pumping products and services for some of Australia’s core industries like mining and resources. Our diverse pump products and world-class technology offer improvements in efficiency and performance and enable lower operating costs. Our range extend far beyond reliability and durability, instead focusing on system improvements across customer processes, production and activities.


For more information on sustainable pump practice or to chat to an expert about the most suitable pumping solution for your application, contact Global Pumps

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