The new superior Peristaltic Tube Pump - Verderflex Vantage 5000

Global Pumps, a leading supplier of mining, chemical and process pumps, is expanding their product line with a new state-of-the art cased drive peristaltic pump by Verderflex, the Vantage 5000.

The Vantage 5000 fills the important niche of handling chemicals, food processing, mineral processing and water treatment liquids. 

A peristaltic pump, the Vantage 5000  uses rollers to compress a tube inside the casing to pump the liquid.  This pumps does not have the need for valves or other seals, and the tubing is the only part of the pump that comes in contact with the liquid being pumped.

The flow rate of the Verderflex Vantage 5000 exceeds most other brands, with flow rates of up to 6,600 ml/min and pressures of up to 7 bar, also with a stepper motor for dosing at a 4,096:1 speed control ratio. It can be programmed for up to 30 separate dosing projects.

The Vantage’s cutting-edge, user-friendly operation has many different programming options with its touchscreen and remote operations which allows users to delay the unit’s start, run on either dose or batch mode, and program an auto re-start.

Some of the applications for these pumps are pH regulation, the dosing of softening agents and polymer dosing.  The pumps are ideal for wastewater and water applications, and also industries such as mineral processing, chemical, food and wine, paint, printing, and pharmaceuticals.

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