Global pumps new innovation the 'slurrypro elite'

Global Pumps new innovation the 'SlurryPro Elite' mechanical seal

The Global Pumps team have released the SlurryPro Elite; a new mechanical seal that features a patented conical design and diamond-coated faces.


This new mechanical seal achieves six times the service life of your traditional cartridge seals – saving your business time, money and water.

For over 40 years our team of experts have delivered innovative solutions for difficult and challenging pumping applications – focusing on uncompromising reliability. The new mechanical seal, our SlurryPro Elite, is a testament to the quality and reliability Global Pumps are known for.

As mechanical seals are more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly, they’re a sealing solution of choice for the team at Global Pumps. They ring true to our commitment to providing quality and reliable pumping solutions to clients. They offer substantial savings in terms of downtime and maintenance, due to their unique conical design.

Other benefits include;

  • Increasing the misalignment tolerance;
  • Does not require flush-water;
  • Enhances the fluid circulation in the stuffing box area, and;
  • Easily and quickly repaired.

The highly competitive price of both the SlurryPro Elite, when compared to other cartridge-type mechanical seals, offers you real long-term benefits. As each component can be individually replaced, you’re not needing to replace the whole seal – saving you costs down the track.

The Global Pumps team will be launching these exciting new mechanical seals at the upcoming International Mining and Resources Conference & Expo (IMARC) in Melbourne from October 29th to 31st 2019. Our expert specialists will be on hand showcasing the unique construction of these mechanical seals, and discussing ROI and other important attributes when investing in quality pump accessories.

Find us at stand #M13 at IMARC in Melbourne.

For more information on mechanical seals, or to discuss how our Global Pumps team can help you save time, money and water, contact us


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