Global Pumps Launch the Affetti Range of Pumps


A leader in the pumping industry known for providing quality solutions for pumping products for a wide range of industries, Global Pumps is now offering the Affetti range of pumps. Affetti pumps are known for their high quality and durability, especially when handling corrosive liquids, and Affetti products include fiberglass centrifugal pumps, centrifugal chemical pumps with mechanical seals, self-priming close coupled pumps, plastic centrifugal sump pumps, and volumetric self-priming pumps.


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Fiberglass Centrifugal Pumps

Affetti’s Vitrum line of fiberglass centrifugal pumps can handle liquids that are mildly to severely corrosive, and they are designed to stand up to even the toughest working conditions. Their wetted parts are all reinforced with fiberglass material and can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -45º - 121ºC.

Self-Priming Close Coupled Pumps

For industries and situations where a flooded suction cannot be installed, Affetti has a centrifugal close coupled self-priming range of pumps. These pumps can prime from negative suction up to four meters.

Centrifugal Pumps with Mechanical Seals

If you’re looking for a pump that will give you quality performance on a budget, consider the centrifugal horizontal coupling CGO series from Affetti. These pumps are specifically designed to be user-friendly and to provide strong suction with great reliability at a great price.

Centrifugal Sump Pumps

With the potential for over three meters of column length, this vertical centrifugal sump pump range is a great option for those looking for a reliable pump to handle corrosive liquids from sumps.

These are just a few of the pump ranges available from Affetti. At Global Pumps, we are excited to add Affetti pumps to our huge range of industrial and mining pumps. Whether you are pumping only mildly corrosive materials or you need to handle highly corrosive products, we will have a solution for you. For more information on our Affetti pumps and other products, please contact the team at Global Pumps today.

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