Expert Series: the creation of the toughest mine pump available, the SlurryPro slurry pump

The mining and quarry industry is known to be one of the harshest industries. The treacherous environment means only the toughest of tools and equipment can last. But for the SlurryPro, it operates best in these rough applications...

Alternative pumping solutions may be capable of withstanding the arduous conditions on their sites, but maintenance personnel were experiencing frustration with service and response time from suppliers. In response to this frustration, the SlurryPro series was developed by the Intrax Group. The Intrax Group incorporates three leading global pump manufacturers, Atlantic Pumps in the UK, All Pumps in Argentina, and Global Pumps in Australia.


In this Expert Series, we spoke with Brad Dormer, General Manager at All Pumps. Brad was involved with the creation, development, and execution of the SlurryPro Series. Brad will discuss the inception of the SlurryPro Slurry Pump, how it is continuously improved and how it has changed the mining industry for the better.


Check out the video below, or read the transcript to discover the SlurryPro range…




Q: What was the motivator to develop the SlurryPro technology?

Brad Dormer: The SlurryPro series was developed in response to the market’s need for a faster, more effective slurry pump response. A reoccurring thing over many years for those purchasing pumps in the mining industry, was that support on slurry pumps was slow and supply of spares and technical support was geared towards the supplier’s convenience rather than the customer’s needs.

So, the SlurryPro Slurry Pump was designed to provide a better slurry pumping experience.

Designed iterations over the years have been very focused onsite issues rather than planned obsolescence to ensure spare sales which itself can be seen in this type of product.


Q: What makes SlurryPro pumps different from competitors?

Brad Dormer: SlurryPro is more than just a pump. We try not to lose sight of the fact that the customer is really looking to transfer slurry from A to B. So, we supply a system with a combination of a pump, motor and sealing system and maintenance program which is reliable, offers simple service and is practical.

Our whole focus has been, and will continue to be, on making the slurry pump an easy to operate pumping system. With spare parts easy to identify, available and with small lead times.


Q: Are SlurryPro pumps customisable?

Brad Dormer: Yes, the SlurryPro pumps are very customisable - with very few pumps the same. We ensure all projects are correctly specified and are easy to maintain.

Our Auto-greasers are regular customizable extras which increase utilization time and decrease maintenance time.


Q: Are there any new additions to the SlurryPro range?

Brad Dormer: Yes. Making operational maintenance simple will continue to drive our product development in several directions, but two worth mentioning:

  1. Local manufacturing centres - close to customers in Australia and South America. This will ensure the supply of pumps and parts rely less on the global supply chain. Innovative manufacturing procedures and new designs allow SlurryPro to reduce manufacturing lead times and decrease costs whilst addressing site requirements.
  2. Intelligent remote controlling - This intuitive software can monitor a wide range of parameters, but one of its challenges is how to interpret them and act on them. So SlurryPro is focused on developed reliable and cost-effective monitoring system that triggers the required maintenance actions. It will be very simple, very easy to read.


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