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The water and wastewater industry demands reliability, durability and tough construction to ensure pumps and equipment withstand the arduous nature of the environment. Most importantly, these wastewater pumps are required to handle solids of all sizes. 

In this blog, our team discusses the different types of wastewater pumps suitable that are built to last.


Applications within the wastewater industry that demand tough pumps

There are two types of wastewater - greywater and blackwater. Greywater refers to household water from baths, showers, hand basics and washing machines. It does not refer to toilet discharge. Blackwater is that from toilets and the kitchen sink - as both contain solids and particles, as well as cooking oil and grease.

With these ‘types’ of wastewater identified, it is clear that the pumps installed must be capable of handling a wide variety of applications. Whether it be transferring wastewater, or applying chemicals to ‘disinfect’.  


The wastewater industry has a wide range of applications that require pumps, those include but aren’t limited to:

  • dosing and metering treatment
  • chemicals and reagents, including ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, lime, caustic soda, powder activated carbon and polymers
  • sludge transfer
  • filter press feeds, and more.


Types of wastewater pumps

Wastewater pumps are available for a wide range of applications within the industry, however the following pumps are commonly selected:

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps (AOD)

AOD pumps are controlled by means of compressed air being applied to the air valve incorporated into the pump. The air valves’ unique design guarantees a perfect, non-stalling operation even at low pressure and does not need any lubrication. 

These wastewater pumps are a popular choice due to their ability to handle multiple tasks, including water and dewatering, general transfer and building services. Given their leak free pumping option, and variable flow and discharge pressures, AOD wastewater pumps are capable of handling harsh chemicals for dosing and metering water treatment. 

The wide range of materials of construction, in particular the metallic series, make this type of wastewater pump a popular option for the process fluid that is abrasive. 


Magnetic Drive Pumps 

Mag-drive pumps are a leak-free centrifugal pump, suitable for corrosive or hazardous chemicals, including those nasty dirty, aggressive, solids-laden liquids. This type of wastewater pump is hermetically sealed from the drive end and the driving power is transmitted via magnetic force, using powerful synchronous magnetics.

Mag-drive pumps are commonly utilised for chemical processing or transfer for treatment purposes. Particularly when handling dangerous chemicals or acids used to treat the wastewater. 

Peristaltic Hose Pump

Peristaltic hose pumps are a popular choice for wastewater applications that require general transfer of solids or slurries with a high amount of particulate matter (up to 80%). These wastewater pumps offer operators the following benefits:

    • accurate and repeatable dosing
    • energy efficient
    • low maintenance
    • successfully operate without manual intervention, reducing the chance of operator errors

There are a wide variety of peristaltic hose and tube pumps available for the wastewater industry, varying in size and capabilities. Global Pumps recommend the reliable, durable Verderflex brand for peristaltic hose pump solutions. With a wide range of options, including the large hose pumps through to precise tube pumps for chemical applications, there are differing types suitable for diverse wastewater applications. The low-flow capabilities ensure the Verderflex Peristaltic Hose Pump range is an effective solution for dosing, treating and performing precise liquid measurements. 

As a wastewater pump, the peristaltic hose pump range is a popular choice due to the cost effective nature, and ability to have adjustable flow rates. 


Need help choosing the right wastewater pump?

Don’t leave it to chance - get in touch with Global Pumps today. Our team can advise of best practice and ensure the wastewater pump selected is suitable for the application. 

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