Checklist: Improving the performance of your pump

Did you know that pumps make up approximately 25% of equipment in the production and manufacturing industries? They are a core component of systems and process - which makes their continuous performance crucial.


To ensure optimal and cost-effective operation and maintenance, it is critical to consider both the individual equipment and the entire system. In most cases, operators only focus on the immediate demands of the equipment, forgetting to take a step back and establish how certain system parameters are affecting the overall performance of the system.

In order to maintain and make sure your current set up is operated efficiently, Global Pumps recommends the following steps:

  1. establish the current conditions and operating parameters
  2. determine the present production needs and estimate future changes (if applicable)
  3. gather and analyse operating data and develop load duty cycles
  4. assess alternative system designs and improvements available on the market. This may involve consultations with providers. Talk to your current supplier to find out if you have the latest technology. 
  5. determine the most technically and economically sound options, taking into considerations all aspects of your pumping system
  6. implement the best option
  7. assess energy consumption in respect to performance of the system
  8. continue to monitor and optimise the system
  9. continue to operate and maintain the system for peak performance

One of the most crucial components is the analysis of your system requirements. What do you want to achieve now? And will you require improvements or an increase in production over the next few years?

In some instances, oversized pumps are selected as the system is designed for peak loads, whilst normal operating loads are much smaller. 

A key to improving system performance and reliability is fully understanding system requirements (peak demand, average demand and variability of demand). It is much simpler to design and operate a system with relatively consistent requirements, then to have to account for a wide range of variations in demand.


Want to learn more?

If you’re concerned about the performance of your pumping system or would like to learn more about optimising your pumps, chat with our team. With over 40 years’ experience working with manufacturing and production organisations, Global Pumps can advise of best practice to ensure your achieving the best possible results.

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