Being Green at Tonsley Innovation District

Posted on 23 October 2017

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Go for a drone ride and get a bird's eye view of the Global Pumps solar project.

Global Pumps is being Green

We installed 115 solar panels with 30kWp solar PV module capacity on the roof of our head office in Adelaide SA. We're being green in our power consumption, and also providing excess electricity back into the grid!

solar panels 1.jpg


We are located in Tonsley - formerly Clovelly Park

Wondering what all the development around our Head Office is for? We are proud to be part of the rapidly growing Tonsley Innovation District.

solar panels Tonsley district.jpg


Suburb name change

Our suburb name has recently changed from Clovelly Park to Tonsley - but Google maps hasn't quite caught up with the change yet.

For courier/freight services it's best to stick with Clovelly Park SA 5042 for now.


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